Depository Services

Our depository platform provides investors with a secure and convenient way to manage their securities and keep track of their investments.

Our stock depository service provides clients with a convenient and secure way to manage their securities and keep track of their investments.

Extra offerings include information such as dividends and interest payments, as well as statements and other information about the assets held in an investor’s account. Also offered online access, enabling investors to manage their accounts and view their holdings from anywhere with an internet connection.

Reliable & Secure

KNA provides a highly reliable platform for investors to safe keep their securities. When investors buy or sell securities, the transaction is processed through the central depository service, which acts as a central clearing house for these transactions.
Transfer of ownership and payment for the securities are completed accurately and efficiently.

Perfect SafeKeeping

We assist in holding and protecting the securities of our clients.
This provides a level of security for investors, as their assets are professional management fully regulated by authorities.


Timely Settlement of Trades and Record Keeping


Regukar updates are send to clients via Emails updating them about their balances

Online Access

Fully Featured online access across devices offering all reports


Impeccable Support and Services to ensure that clients remain fully updated smooth transactions.

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